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Welcome to the website of Bristol-based musician Ben England‘s homechoir project. Launched in March 2020 under the banner “Quarantine Choir” Ben has built a community of singers numbering in the thousands who join him on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons (and Sunday morning) for singing, fun and camaraderie.

Homechoir is a new way of looking at learning. You don’t need to be able to sing well or at all to take part – the teaching is one-way. You watch and sing along with Ben if you can, and are invited take part in the live text chat with everyone else around the world. There is a vibrant and friendly social community among the choir.

You don’t need to be able to read music, and where scores are needed, Ben will display them on screen to help you learn.

As well as traditional choir and classical pieces, Ben teaches a huge range of other songs including folk, sea shanties, gospel, children’s songs and silly songs.

A former Advanced Skills Music Teacher and Director of Music in an OFSTED Outstanding school, Ben also teaches music theory, history and composing as part of Homechoir’s Deep Dives.

Why not come along and give us a try? We are a very friendly choir with a warm welcome and are open to all.

For all enquiries about joining, please email Homechoir’s business manager, Ana at

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On October 9 2020, Ben was awarded the British Empire Medal for founding Homechoir, and his subsequent services to the community during COVID-19.

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Safe and accessible singing, free for all.


Homechoir rehearsals and broadcasts are free to all. If you would like to support homechoir through a donation via PayPal or by joining our Patreon, we would be very grateful for your help.

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Singing is one of the best ways to feel part of a community, to feel the buzz of expressing yourself through your voice and to feel music in your very core.

A lot of people are unable to access singing, either because they don’t have the time, the money or in many cases the ability to leave the house and make their way to a choir rehearsal. This can be a very isolating experience. is a way for people who can’t leave the house to access many of the health benefits of singing, through video singing sessions, fun arrangements of songs and singing tips and lessons from experts.

Homechoir is a subsidiary of Ben England Music Ltd.